Essentials for a Functional Wardrobe Regina Oswald

Essentials for a Functional Wardrobe

For this “Essentials for a Functional Wardrobe” spotlight, we’re going to press pause and rewind to the fundamentals. Let’s talk about types of fits.

Fit refers to how clothes feel on your body. Essential garments can come in all types of fit; today we’re going to break down the main three: fitted, semi-fitted, and oversized.

A fitted, or bodycon, fit will hug your skin and showcases your natural silhouette, with garments like our Rose Dress. It’s meant to outline and enhance the wearer’s curves, but it doesn’t have to be tight to contour your body (like shapewear). The clothes should not look small or cause pulling, draping, or any other discomfort. Think of this fit as a way to accentuate your natural beauty, with an extra dash of confidence to your step!

The semi-fitted, or tailored, fit lightly outlines the body. Garments with this fit are structured in all the right places, achieving the perfect balance between snug and roomy. Clothes won’t cling to your body or contour your curves as much as with the bodycon. Instead, they’ll skim your body and form a freer silhouette, allowing for more movement. Look to garments with this fit, like our Emma Dress, for ease with a figure-flattering effect.

An oversized fit is shapeless with a playful and easy-breezy appeal. It’s much roomier than the tailored fit and can be thrown on for a cozy night in or sported at an elegant soiree. Like our Poppy Sweatshirt, garments with this fit should feel how they look: effortlessly beautiful. You get more volume and far less structure! Make sure to balance your ensemble to avoid looking shapeless. You can do this by tying in accessories as focal points and contrasting your oversized garment with clothes in different fits.

To be clear: there’s no right or wrong fit. Your preference could be dictated by anything from style, to mood, to lifestyle, to trends, and beyond. Some people prefer one fit versus another, whereas others might have all types of fits to combine creatively. Really, it’s about confidence. Identifying which fit is the ‘right fit’ for you is about how you feel when you’re wearing it.

But, there is only one way to find your style. Be open to trial and error, until you find it. And even when you find it, it’ll evolve over time, like you. That’s why our collection is about timeless designs with infinite possibilities. We invite you to play with these different fits and silhouettes; mix and match them between themselves and with the other clothes in your wardrobe. Wear what feels authentically you.

Until we meet again with more essentials, remember: Always go toward the clothes that bring you joy and boost your confidence. Because that’s what people will notice first.

Written by Catalina Fernandez