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Essentials for a Functional Wardrobe

Welcome back to another round of our “Essentials for a Functional Wardrobe” series! Today is all about nailing the perfect pair of pants for your wardrobe. Let’s get started.

Pants are absolute staples to every woman’s wardrobe that are coveted from the street to the runaway. But this wasn’t always the case. Before the 1920s, pants were seen as unladylike and were prohibited for non-work use. It wasn’t until beloved icon, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, revolutionized womenswear forever with her straight wide cut yachting trousers. She later introduced a plethora of comfortable and stylish pants that soon became the garments of choice for women everywhere. To this day, they remain the favored blend of practicality and aesthetic.  

Now, let’s talk about how to make sure this treasured garment becomes an essential. As you can see from the examples below, essential pants come in different fits, lengths, and rise, from super high to ultra low. Trends come and go, but essential pants are timeless. The most important factors to consider when making your decision about what rise and fit is best for you are: body type and comfort.

Functional Wardrobe Pants

In our collection, you’ll find pants that marry form and function beautifully. Our Iris and Camellia pants are two high rise (which happens to be a big trend this fall) staples that can be styled to be classic or modern. This versatility allows for several magical properties at once. First, they look spectacular both on the podium and in real life. They can be worn with a basic T-shirt (like Gardenia) or dressed up with a formal blouse (like Dahlia). Second, they complement and enhance the natural beauty of any figure. Their inflated waist lines visually lengthen the legs and emphasize the delicacy of the silhouette.  To give it a finishing touch add in a belt, like our logo belt, as an extra wow factor.  If you’re looking for a more relaxed fit, our silk Orchid pants are your go-to. These medium-rise, wide-legged, pajama trousers are perfect for an effortless look and pair seamlessly with our Daisy Tunic.

Let’s review. You know you’re working with an essential pair of pants if they: suit your lifestyle, complement your body type, feel comfortable, and most importantly, amplify your beauty. To compare, below are some non-essential pants. While they may add spice to your outfit, they lack versatility because of their time-specific styles and cuts.

From its beginnings, women’s pants have been symbols of comfort, beauty, and power. In her own words, Coco Chanel’s pants "gave women a sense of freedom." When choosing essential pants for your closet, think back to this mantra. Wear what makes you feel free, confident, and beautiful in your skin. 

For more essential tips and tricks, stay tuned for our next series spotlight! In the meantime, think carefully about the pants in your closet and how they make you feel.

By Catalina Fernandez