Eve Cami silk top by Regina Oswald

Essentials for a Functional Wardrobe: The Shell Top and Cami

To prepare any delicious dish in the kitchen you need key ingredients. The same goes for your closet. In order to compose interesting looks, you need the essentials. 

What’s an essential? Let’s break it down. 

1. Unlike fads, it won’t go out of fashion. You get more wearability and a bigger bang for your buck! 

2. You can get creative and create top looks that’ll adapt to your lifestyle. It’s as simple as having one piece that can take you from day to night. 

3. When you invest in long-lasting fashion, you invest in a better future. Its durability makes for an eco-sustainable choice that minimizes your carbon footprint.


Let’s demonstrate exactly how this works, by focusing on our first picks: the simple shell top and cami. 

A simple shell top and cami are closet staples that’ll complement and enhance any outfit. First, let’s talk about the shell top. It’s a sleeveless, collarless blouse that allows for maximized style. Opt for sleek designs, like our Jasmine Shell top on the left, to achieve a timeless look. Next, we have the cami. A cami is a sleeveless and thin-strapped top that works as an undergarment, for layering, or on its own. To enhance its versatility, it’s best to choose a cami that’s simple and sophisticated, like our Eve Cami on the left. The key to making sure these tops become essentials? Making sure they don’t belong to any particular style or have details that’ll go out of fashion. Whether you pair them with a chic monochrome ensemble or with bold printed pants, they’re always effortlessly cool! 

Now let’s discuss what not to do, by looking at the tops on the right. These tops have highly stylized details and cuts that link them to specific time periods. You can combine styles within one outfit, but it definitely requires fussing over details and time in front of your mirror. Plus, they can become old-fashioned by just the next season.

In a nutshell, it’s better to go back to the basics. Choose timeless pieces over trendy fads, and you’ll have quality versatile garments that you treasure for years. Feeling inspired to add an essential shell top or cami to your wardrobe? Check out our shop now! 

This is just the beginning...We have plenty of styling tips on closet essentials to share. Stay tuned for our next posts to learn more!

Written by Catalina Fernandez