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Essentials for a Functional Wardrobe: The T-Shirt

Welcome back to our “Essentials for a Functional Wardrobe” series! Here, we share closet staples that add convenience and celebration to a women’s wardrobe. Today’s pick? The T-shirt. 

As Giorgio Armani famously said, the T-shirt is the “Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.” Comfort and style all wrapped into one garment… what could be easier? While T-shirts can seamlessly take your outfit to the next level, there are still factors that can make or break your look. Read on for our recommended dos and don’ts.

When chosen well, the T-shirt is the beloved ingredient of the ideal wardrobe. Think of it as the magic wand your fashionable fairy godmother gives you for an outfit enhancing boost. Whether you dress it up or dress it down, it never fails to adapt to your needs. The key to unlocking its full potential is focusing on timeless over trendy. 

Below are some t-shirts that successfully get the job done. They’re understated but can also be styled to make a statement. They showcase the versatility that the right basic tee offers. You can get creative with the fabric and fit, without having to sacrifice style. Cotton, linen and silk are excellent textiles to achieve this and can be worn fitted, semi-fitted, or oversized. 

Now onto what to avoid when seeking essential pieces. As you can see, the shirts below have cuts and styles that directly link them to particular trends or moments in fashion history. Highly stylized t-shirts like these may be suitable options for a season or two, but won’t serve you in the long-run. The decorative prints, fringe, lace, and ruffles seen here also limit your ability to combine them with other styles and play around with the level of formality.

Speaking of formality… let’s debunk a common misconception. T-shirts are often associated with casual dress and day-time wear. But they can also be elevated for upscale looks. Our version of this is our Gardenia Blouse, a sophisticated silk charmeuse twist on the basic tee.

This dressier alternative came to be when Regina Oswald was looking for “something more feminine and sophisticated than just a cotton tee,” without the commitment of a button-up. It’s soft to the touch, luxurious, and can be styled up or down by experimenting with other garments and accessories. See how you can take it from casual to evening, below.

Reconsidering the unworn t-shirts sitting in your closet? Think carefully about your wardrobe and what you want to express. Focus on the essentials that celebrate your beauty.

Stay tuned for more essentials tips soon! In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this classic design principle: simplicity for long-lasting impact.

Written by Catalina Fernandez